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Retirement Planning for Turbulent Times

Protect your retirement plan and profit from it

How do you both PROTECT your nest egg and PROFIT from the economic problems that are upon us and will surely increase? That is the real quest is it not? To do BOTH!

Anyone can "go for bust" to maximize profit-at the expense of protecting his or her principal. Anyone can protect his or her principal at the expense of any hope for a decent profit that will keep up with the cost of living for what could be a long, long drawn out senior life. But problems aren't all bad, they are also opportunities.

So is there a perfect Holy Grail-type great new financial vehicle that will do both sufficiently? No, not one! However, multiple financial vehicles chosen in the right percentages and set up in a tax advantaged way will do it! It's simple and it works.

It's called The Twofold Strategysm because it allows you to do double duty and get sufficient protecion and profit!

Faced with early retirement or divorce? There are serious issues in rolling over or splitting your 401k or other plan and how to proceed. Call (909)790-8622.
A 95 year-old joked that the "Golden Years" have a lot of lead. Your retirement should also have a lot of joy in it, but to help that be so it's worth a little time to plan for sustainable income!


Call for an appointment! At it we will have a fascinating conversation about concepts crucial to your future.

Here are some intresting subjects we may discuss:

  1. Accumulation Retirement Plan Model versus a Distribution Model.
  2. The Twofold Strategysm — how it blends profit and protection to work together in harmony and allow you to have sustainable income in retirement, giving you the freedom to do the things you want!
  3. Amazing Tax Traps in Retirement Plans and how to avoid them.
  4. Dollar Cost Averaging versus Reverse Dollar Cost Averaging.
  5. Virtual Stress Testing your retirement plan's using an award winning software program.
  6. Asset Allocation versus Asset Class Diversification.
  7. Minimizing or eliminating tax on Social Security benefits.
  8. Surprising Social Security benefit claiming strategies.
  9. Many retirement plans are designed for men (even when it is for a woman), without taking the woman sufficiently into account. Ladies, it's not the first time you had to uncomfortably use something designed for a man, but your retirement is too important to let this one go!


Most retirement planners say that they do tax advantaged planning because they do tax deferral plans, or Roth IRA's etc., but that is only part of tax advantaged retirement planning. The other huge part is how money will be taxed or penalized (or not) when it is rolled over, or distributed either because you want to take money out, or due to divorce, death or early retirement you need to take money out, or because the IRS makes you start taking money out. That's the harder part that takes greater knowledge. Lee Martinson is an expert in retirement plan distributions and IRS distribution rules and works with tax professionals to help his and their clients minimize taxes and avoid penalties.

Like most retirement planners, many tax professionals say they do tax planning, but don't really help their clients proactively diffuse the tax-time-bombs in their retirement accounts. The best they can often do is accurately figure out the excess taxes and penalties owed. Lee loves working with proactive tax professionals who are truly dedicated to helping clients avoid serious tax traps before they happen.

If you are a tax professional and are interested in working with us, call Lee Martinson, at (909) 790-8622. If you are not a tax professional, but would like to have your CPA or Enrolled Agent work with us you may also give Lee a call.

Safe and Profitable      Don't Outlive Your Money
The Twofold Strategy

The strategy is more effective than the outmoded 100% rule. It gives you better diversification of asset classes AND it has 50% of the money doing double duty of both profit and protection. (Thus, a twofold purpose, but three categories of assets.) If the market is up, 75% of your retirement account participates. If the market is down, 75% of it is protected. It allows you to pull money out in retirement without locking in losses and yet you still have the opportunity of decent profit.
Please note that depending on your situation the percentages may be done differently. Also, contrary to what you might think, there is more than one kind of asset that can go in each category.
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401k rollercoaster

It's high time you get off of the major rollercoaster before the ride ends and you are out of money. Instead look at our proprietary model — a proven system that prevents big losses and locks in decent gains for your retirement account.

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